Aakanksha Gaur
On a reading challenge in 2017. Reading a business biography every month. Recommend me a book?

Essential books on type design recommended by Type professors

A reading list compiled from various recommendations of professors of type design in various universities. Excellent list to begin the journey to become a typophile ❦

100 books on the US Marine Commandant's reading list in 2017

The US Marine Corps publishes their professional reading list every year and the titles are full of great recommendations on military history, strategy and the pace of technology.

The insane reading list of Douglas Hofstadter - Part 1

The gold pot that I found as a bibliography of his book, Metamagical Themas. Contains hundreds of book recommendations ranging from LISP, typography, philosophy and rubik's cube.

18 books with fresh insights into workplace culture and managing teams

Workplace culture has slowly become one of the non-negotiable assets for any company worth its weight. Starting from Google's catered lunch to Facebook's moving fast and breaking things, the workplace is becoming a cult.

Books on leadership and business that call for greater empathy and emotional intelligence

Everything about building a business is hard. But the world is realising that being an as**** isn't the only way to build sustainable businesses. These books advocate leadership that's driven by empathy than anger.

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