Aakanksha Gaur
Reading through India in 2017. Suggest me a book?

Non-technology books that have influenced HN readers the most

A single question posted by a reader prompted a flurry of responses and excellent suggestions on the life changing books by HackerNews readers. The rule? They could only mention one book and had to tell why!

Book haul from the Kochi Muziris biennale 2017

We went, we gaped at the amazing art, we ate sea food to fill our souls and we bought books as souvenirs. These are the books I bought from my first long-weekend trip to the Kochi Muziris Biennale.

Reading through India

A personal reading challenge for 2017 where I'll be reading a book from every state and UT in India. Will be updating this shelf as I keep reading.

Memoirs by first ladies

All the first ladies in US with the exception of Pat Nixon have written and sometimes *outsold* their memoirs compared to their husbands'. White house would make for an intriguing subject anyway.

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