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Books that inspired movies in IMDB top 250 list

Your favourite movies, in words.
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Books that were made into coming-of-age films

Becoming an adult is no small feat. These stories were made into movies too!
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Books that should be made into movies

These books are not movies now but they totally deserve to be.
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Seen the movie, now read the book

A collection of books about India and its people that have inspired cinematic renditions
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40 books to read before they turn into movies in 2017

And before you can *really* debate if the book was better than the movie. Although in most cases, it might just be!
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Gangster books made into Movies

We don't hate gangsters,we embrace them. Based on real events and gangsters,these books set the bar high for the gangster movie genre. For the reel love of crime, thrill, passion or the gangster life, give these a shot.
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Read Agains (Saved as draft)

Books I have read more than once.
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Oscar Nominated Films Based on Books: Part 2017

The books behind the best Hollywood motion pictures.
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