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9 Popular books on dating and relationships

Sometimes, love isn't enough. Get some of the best advice filtered from the tons of advice available to make you better equipped for a successful relationship.

37 Best essays of all time for budding writers to read

A lot of what we read influences us and even our writing. Browse the best essays ever written and gain some much needed writing tips. Perfect for aspiring and new writers.

Oxford university suggests: Victorian poetry and fiction for literature students

These books are the perfect introduction to victorian gothic literature and to understand the fine line between gothic fiction before and after the victorian era.

Man Booker Prize Shortlist: 2016

Find out the authors who were shortlisted for the man booker prize in 2016. These notable works of fiction need to be added to your library.

A futurist reading list by redditors

Containing both fiction & non-fiction works, these 109 books are a part of the recommended reading list by /r/futurology.

Best books that talk about the Italian art renaissance

Read about the style of art that sought to capture the experience of the individual, the beauty & mystery of the natural world. Learn about the art of the Italian masters- Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael.

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