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Winners of the richest historical non-fiction prize in the world

The Cundill prize is presented annually to an author who has published a non-fiction book in the prior year that is likely to have profound literary, social, and academic impact in the area of history.

41 Debutante writers that Earnest Hemingway would have been proud of

Awarded annually to to a full length novel or short stories by an American author who hasn't published a full-length book of fiction. These 41 books have won the coveted award since 1976-2017.

Memoirs of people who've grown up in dysfunctional families and risen above the pain and the guilt

Dysfunctional families don't come with a tag. Often, people realise the pain much later when they are laden with unexplained guilt and burden of responsibility. These memoirs are a hope that a better life is possible.

97 Great biographies of artists, misfits, rebels and square pegs in a round hole that will sail you through 2017

Biographies on the lives of humans who've pushed the race forward. The ones who were termed as crazy first and genuises later. The ones whose courage broke boundaries and shackles of human suffering.

Queer studies recommended reading list by the LGBTQ studies programme of Brown University

Gender and sexuality is a powerful force that has under currents in ones identity and in turn, their social life. This is a reading list by Brown University that's taught in their LGBTQ curriculum.

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